Happy Holidays!


When I was in Italy, photography was one of the great classes that I got to take. This time last year, I was working on my  final photography assignment. I chose Christmas for the theme of my project. I thought I would share a few of my favorite ones with you. Most of these photos are in Florence and a few are in Venice.

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I hope you enjoy them.

All photos are property of Katherine Shearouse. Please ask permission before using.

Candy Cane Candles

Candy Cane Candles

It is that wonderful time of year again! It is getting colder, we have off from school and of course Christmas!

One of the problems that I find every year at this time is that I want to decorate my apartment to the fullest with lights, wreaths and scented candles to make it some kind of winter wonderland, but like most college kids, I go home for Christmas. I would not get to fully appreciate all of the decorations that I put up and they are expensive! Also logistically, I have nowhere extra to store decorations in my small apartment.  So, each year I try to make something small, cheap and Christmas-y that I can put around the apartment to help boost the cheer and make it feel like the holidays until I get to my parent’s house.
This year it is candy cane candles. Relatively inexpensive at only $8 for all of the supplies for four of them and super cute when they are finished.

All you need is:

Four red taper candles. ( I bought them mine at Publix.)

Two packages of candy canes. ( 24 in each package.)

Red ribbon.

A glue gun.

Christmas Music!

And that’s it.  Not much to it really. Sorry I did not take any photos of the process. I didn’t think about it until after they were already done.

Turn on the glue gun to give it time to get really hot.  I found that it the candy would not stick to the candle when the glue gun was only hot enough to squeeze glue out.  If you wait till the glue is hot enough to melt the candle wax, it makes the process go a little faster. Make a ring around the candle about a third of the way up the candle. You can use a paper clip or a piece of plastic, but I just used my nail. This leaves about two-thirds of the candle for you to burn and also so that the candle is not sitting on the table.  Use the ring  as a guide of where you are going to line up the end of the candy cane.   I left the wrappers on the candy. You can take them off if you want, but it  would leave marks on my wood table, so I decided against it.  When you are gluing the canes around the ring, pay attention to keeping all of them at the same level.  I am not going to lie, my first candle is really crooked!

It should take about 10 canes for each candle.  If the last one doesn’t fit all the way into the space, I just tried to stuff it in as much as possible so that there was no empty spaces on the candle.

Once you have glued all the of the canes around the candle glue a ribbon around all of the canes. I added a bow to give it a little extra and Voila!   You have yourself some decorations that you made yourself. And a good bonus, as Jon keeps on asking for,  when you are done with the candles for the season, you can take them apart and eat the canes.

Also, If you do not celebrate Christmas but still want to make say Chanukah candles, they have blue and white candy canes! Be creative and have fun with it!

I hope that you enjoy making your candles!

What else do you do to make  your house festive for cheap?

Happy Holidays!