Circus City, USA

Sarasota Chalk Festival 2012

Chalk art has always amazed me!  Temporary masterpieces carefully drawn on sidewalks or  side roads and then washed away with the rain and then replaced.

Sidewalk is very popular in Italy and was one of my favorite  chalk photos I took while I was there.

Italian Chalk Art

So when I found out that there was a chalk festival in Sarasota, I had to go!

This years theme was Circus City, USA and had a bunch of really beautiful 2D photos as well as a handful of mind-boggling 3D pieces.   Below is a slide show of the art there this year.  I can’t wait to go next year.  Hope  you enjoy!

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Let’s get crafty.

Since I moved to Tampa a month and a half ago I’ve had large amounts of free time.  I figured I could use at least some of it to fix up our new apartment!  Only problem was that Jon and I had also just spent most of our money on the process of moving and paying all of our final bills, so we were strapped for cash. I needed something to do to fill my time, with supplies that I already had  so I scoured Pinterest and craft sites and decided on doing a mosaic tile on my living room walls. Something that was crafty with a great result and the best part was it was almost free!

I had all of the supplies I needed from a past painting project I did at my last apartment. All I needed to purchase was a disposable paint tray for a grand total of $2.67 for the entire project.  I looked for a few days to try to find the pattern I wanted for the walls.  I was going to spend numerous hours painting the wall and then have to live with the decision so I wanted to make sure that I really liked it and that I could make it look good without many mistakes.

I ended up choosing the stencil  pattern from here, a blog called while they While They Snooze.

Here is the stencil I used:

Moroccan Wall Tile

After I printed this out, it took a few minutes to perfect how big I wanted it.  I ended up choosing the stencil to be the size of one page.   I only had a half wall to do because there was a chair rail in the living room, so something smaller like a page size was manageable for me.  If you are going to do the entire wall , you should definitely do something a little bigger so that it doesn’t take too long.

Step  One – Set down primers paint and drop clothes. (Better safe than sorry!)

Step Two – Paint the background color that you want for the wall.  I chose a light blue that I used for my last apartment.  I had an entire extra gallon of it and I still liked  the color so I’d rather use a free paint than go buy a new color.  Paint and let dry.

Step Three –  Trace the stencil on to a piece of cardboard. This will make it easier to stencil in on the wall.

Step Four –  Start tracing the tile on the wall with a pencil.  Use  light strokes. I found that if I traced too hard on the wall, I had to use a second coat of white to get rid of the line. If your stencil is big enough, tape a level to the cardboard.  This will help you to keep the tiles level.  Unfortunately, my stencil was not big enough for the level that I had so check the tiles with a level every so often.  Overall my tiles were straight, though I hit a rough patch of trying to get it straight  when I reached the corner, it is not so noticeable, so I am not worrying about it.   🙂

Keep on stenciling.  It took me about 6 hours to finish. I did it all on one day, but I suggest that you break it up. After I finished,  I was going a bit loopy.

Step Five –  Choose your stencil paint.  I mixed a white paint that I already had with the blue. This gave me a very light blue.  You can also use  a contrast color, silver or the same color in a high gloss.

Step Six – Choose a small paint brush.  However big you want the lines of the stencil to be. I found that it was easier to use a stiffer brush so that there is less variation in the stroke.

Start Tracing!

Try to keep it as consistent as possible! You are going to make a few mistakes of course.  If you get any drips, try to wipe it away with a wet paper towel as soon as possible.  I had to do a second coat of white paint because some of the pencil marks were showing.

Here is the finished result! 

 I used one of those cheap Wal-Mart  full length mirrors (again, that I had lying around)  and painted it the same blue-white as the stencil for a finishing touch.

I hope you enjoy your wall!  I really liked the end result and the whole project cost me less than $5!


My next craft is a mirror starburst made out of a cereal box seen below!

Recent Photos

This slide show contains just a few moments from the past nine months.  Most of the pictures are from either Gainesville, Fla or from Northern California and they were captured with either my iPhone 4s or my Cannon D3000. Hope you enjoy.  ❤

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I’m back! (Recap of the last 9 months.)

Hello everyone!  I just wanted to start off this post an apology that it has been so long since I have posted and of course a little bit about that I have been doing these last nine or so months instead of writing here.

To  start it all off,  I graduated from the University of Florida  in May with a B.S. in Public Relations!  It was overwhelming to finish my last semester of school, finish work on Alpha PRoductions and  finish that chapter of my life.  It was very bittersweet to conclude my time at UF by saying goodbye to all of the great friends that I had made throughout my time here and to watch everyone move away and start their new lives and careers.


 Above is one of the many graduation photos that our little group took.                           (From Left to Right)  Kassie (Me) , Liberty, Elise Amanda, Sarah and Haley.

Now that I have graduated from college it is time for me to join the real world (sigh).  So Jon and I have moved to Tampa and are both looking forward to a new chapter.  Jon has just enrolled in culinary school at the Tampa Arts Institute and I am looking for a job in the area.    I am hopeful that I will find something soon. We have a great little apartment here close to the water that has been keeping us busy and I now live closer to some of my family, so it is good to spend time with them.

In between graduating from college and moving to Tampa,  I worked at Chili’s for a while and went on vacation with my family to  California.  I  had a great time in the San Francisco and Monterey Peninsula  area.  It was great to see a landscape and way of living that is so much different from living in Florida.

So that pretty much catches you up on the last nine months of my life.  To follow will be a  short slide show of photos highlighting some of the times and I will be back very soon with a recipe. I’m thinking either chicken saltimbocca  or how to roast a whole chicken. Only time will tell.  😉


Happy Holidays!


When I was in Italy, photography was one of the great classes that I got to take. This time last year, I was working on my  final photography assignment. I chose Christmas for the theme of my project. I thought I would share a few of my favorite ones with you. Most of these photos are in Florence and a few are in Venice.

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I hope you enjoy them.

All photos are property of Katherine Shearouse. Please ask permission before using.