Beat Vandy!

I’m excited for the UF v. Vanderbilt this weekend!    Go Gators!





I’m back! (Recap of the last 9 months.)

Hello everyone!  I just wanted to start off this post an apology that it has been so long since I have posted and of course a little bit about that I have been doing these last nine or so months instead of writing here.

To  start it all off,  I graduated from the University of Florida  in May with a B.S. in Public Relations!  It was overwhelming to finish my last semester of school, finish work on Alpha PRoductions and  finish that chapter of my life.  It was very bittersweet to conclude my time at UF by saying goodbye to all of the great friends that I had made throughout my time here and to watch everyone move away and start their new lives and careers.


 Above is one of the many graduation photos that our little group took.                           (From Left to Right)  Kassie (Me) , Liberty, Elise Amanda, Sarah and Haley.

Now that I have graduated from college it is time for me to join the real world (sigh).  So Jon and I have moved to Tampa and are both looking forward to a new chapter.  Jon has just enrolled in culinary school at the Tampa Arts Institute and I am looking for a job in the area.    I am hopeful that I will find something soon. We have a great little apartment here close to the water that has been keeping us busy and I now live closer to some of my family, so it is good to spend time with them.

In between graduating from college and moving to Tampa,  I worked at Chili’s for a while and went on vacation with my family to  California.  I  had a great time in the San Francisco and Monterey Peninsula  area.  It was great to see a landscape and way of living that is so much different from living in Florida.

So that pretty much catches you up on the last nine months of my life.  To follow will be a  short slide show of photos highlighting some of the times and I will be back very soon with a recipe. I’m thinking either chicken saltimbocca  or how to roast a whole chicken. Only time will tell.  😉


My First Official Posting!

Carly and I at the FAU V. Gators Game!

Hi everyone!

This is my first official post for my new blog.  As a senior in college, it was about time for me to jump into blogging, but I have never really been able to get my head around it.  So now, hopefully, I will be able to share  a little about my life and all my tips and tricks for cooking!

Just a little about myself,  I am a senior at the University of Florida, and a public relations major with a minor in leadership. I am the Director of Alpha PRoductions, a student-run PR firm in the college.  Alpha is a constant learning experience and a very time-consuming position, but it is a huge passion for me to learn more about working in PR and to help other students (my account associates) do the same!  While Alpha keeps my very busy, I hope to use this blog as an outlet  for my stress and as a great way to track what I am cooking.  I am an avid baker and although I don’t get to bake as often as I would like, it is a relaxer. I love to experiment with new recipes and ways to bake. I just got a new stand mixer, so the baking has never been easier!

The receiver of the majority of my baking is my awesome boyfriend Jon.  Jon and I have been together for almost 5 years now and through the highs and the lows, he is the love on my life and my best friend.  He is a cook and wants to become a professional chef, so  sometimes it is quite a fight in the kitchen when we both want to cook.  That being said, we always eat well at our apartment and I’m pretty sure our friends have a rotation schedule of who gets to come over for dinner.

I have amazing friends, who I am pretty sure I would have lost my mind somewhere around sophomore year if it wasn’t for their late night study sessions and ladies night parties!

Another thing you should know about me is that I am a complete night owl, ( It is currently 4:35 am.) so a lot of my writing, studying and baking happen during the odd hours when people are asleep.

Well, I think that is enough about me for now.


Up next, in honor of Autumn –  Caramel Apples, Pumpkin Seeds and Pumpkin Carving!