Let’s get crafty.

Since I moved to Tampa a month and a half ago I’ve had large amounts of free time.  I figured I could use at least some of it to fix up our new apartment!  Only problem was that Jon and I had also just spent most of our money on the process of moving and paying all of our final bills, so we were strapped for cash. I needed something to do to fill my time, with supplies that I already had  so I scoured Pinterest and craft sites and decided on doing a mosaic tile on my living room walls. Something that was crafty with a great result and the best part was it was almost free!

I had all of the supplies I needed from a past painting project I did at my last apartment. All I needed to purchase was a disposable paint tray for a grand total of $2.67 for the entire project.  I looked for a few days to try to find the pattern I wanted for the walls.  I was going to spend numerous hours painting the wall and then have to live with the decision so I wanted to make sure that I really liked it and that I could make it look good without many mistakes.

I ended up choosing the stencil  pattern from here, a blog called while they While They Snooze.

Here is the stencil I used:

Moroccan Wall Tile

After I printed this out, it took a few minutes to perfect how big I wanted it.  I ended up choosing the stencil to be the size of one page.   I only had a half wall to do because there was a chair rail in the living room, so something smaller like a page size was manageable for me.  If you are going to do the entire wall , you should definitely do something a little bigger so that it doesn’t take too long.

Step  One – Set down primers paint and drop clothes. (Better safe than sorry!)

Step Two – Paint the background color that you want for the wall.  I chose a light blue that I used for my last apartment.  I had an entire extra gallon of it and I still liked  the color so I’d rather use a free paint than go buy a new color.  Paint and let dry.

Step Three –  Trace the stencil on to a piece of cardboard. This will make it easier to stencil in on the wall.

Step Four –  Start tracing the tile on the wall with a pencil.  Use  light strokes. I found that if I traced too hard on the wall, I had to use a second coat of white to get rid of the line. If your stencil is big enough, tape a level to the cardboard.  This will help you to keep the tiles level.  Unfortunately, my stencil was not big enough for the level that I had so check the tiles with a level every so often.  Overall my tiles were straight, though I hit a rough patch of trying to get it straight  when I reached the corner, it is not so noticeable, so I am not worrying about it.   🙂

Keep on stenciling.  It took me about 6 hours to finish. I did it all on one day, but I suggest that you break it up. After I finished,  I was going a bit loopy.

Step Five –  Choose your stencil paint.  I mixed a white paint that I already had with the blue. This gave me a very light blue.  You can also use  a contrast color, silver or the same color in a high gloss.

Step Six – Choose a small paint brush.  However big you want the lines of the stencil to be. I found that it was easier to use a stiffer brush so that there is less variation in the stroke.

Start Tracing!

Try to keep it as consistent as possible! You are going to make a few mistakes of course.  If you get any drips, try to wipe it away with a wet paper towel as soon as possible.  I had to do a second coat of white paint because some of the pencil marks were showing.

Here is the finished result! 

 I used one of those cheap Wal-Mart  full length mirrors (again, that I had lying around)  and painted it the same blue-white as the stencil for a finishing touch.

I hope you enjoy your wall!  I really liked the end result and the whole project cost me less than $5!


My next craft is a mirror starburst made out of a cereal box seen below!